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What is Wymfo?

Wymfo is a free productivity app. It allows iPad owners to view, share & manage media that resides in the cloud, anywhere on the web, or locally on their device. It has a focused messaging system, which ties chats to files that have been shared. Wymfo does all of this without storing any personal data other than your email address.

File Management

Wymfo allows you to view all your files via a lavish, yet simple, interface. You can use it as a presentation tool, show off your latest photo collection, read a book, listen to music or watch a movie. By using multiple view options you can quickly find any file by its thumbnail, or explore in detail by going full screen.

Private Sharing

Wymfo allows you to share your content in a private network. We store no data about you, the files you have shared, or the messages you have sent. Just select files and choose the contacts you want to share them with. Shared files will appear in the chosen contact’s copy of wymfo. If they do not have a copy of wymfo installed, they will receive download links in an automated email.

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wymfo clouds

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Cloud enabled

Wymfo brings a whole new dimension to your iPad via content management and sharing. But there is more good news: it also allows you to use the same slick interface across all your favourite cloud services. We currently cover a range of clouds, but we are working hard to add more all the time.

Seamless experience

Quickly jump from one cloud to another, and manage files with ease. With our simple approach to navigation, you can navigate multiple cloud services from a single interface. All your content, whether stored locally, on your iPad, or in the cloud, is accessible from a single app.

Download Wymfo for free now…

Wymfo for iPad is available for free on the Apple AppStore:

Download wymfo

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