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We have been listening to you…bouse03

… and taking notes. A number of people have commented on some basic feature changes that would bring some serious improvements to wymfo’s cloud capabilities. The days of thinking we know best are long behind us, so please keep the feedback coming. With that said, here’s a little run down of what you can expect in release 1.2:

✔ Thumbnail caching across all cloud services (no more waiting for thumbs to download each time you enter a cloud)
✔ Preview & Fullscreen mode now available in all cloud services
✔ Share and messaging available direct from cloud (no need to download to wymfo to access these features)
✔ Automatic downloads of files smaller than 100mb (no need manually authorise downloads via the globe icon)
✔ Contacts are automatically added to wymfo address book (no need to manually add existing contacts)

Wymfo 1.2 available for free on the AppStore…

After a rather long approval process, we are pleased to announce that version 1.2 of Wymfo is now available on the AppStore. A number of simple UX fixes have increase the simplicity of a number of functions within the app. One of the biggest improvements has been in the ability to view and share content from within supported cloud services. We have also added caching of thumbnails in your connected clouds. We are pleased to announce that we have further improved wymfo’s cloud connectivity capabilities by successfully integrating Google Drive. As always, we are keen to hear you thoughts on the latest release and areas of possible improvement.

Wymfo 1.4 available for free on the AppStore…

Following the release of iOS7 a number of tweaks to wymfo were required. We think we squashed all the bugs, but please let us know if you find any new ones. Meanwhile, we are continuing work on improving usability and iOS-ifying the interface.